About Me

I was born in 1985 in the city of Granada, Spain. I graduated with a BS and MS in Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Granada in Spain. In 2010, I obtained the La Caixa fellowship for graduate studies in the US. In 2012, I graduated with an MS in Electrical Engineering from The University of California, San Diego (UCSD). That same year, I started working at Delcross Technologies in Chicago and in 2015 I started working for ANSYS. In 2017, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where I currently reside with my wife and daughter.

Qualifications Summary

Highly motivated Electrical Engineer. Experienced in scientific program with special emphasis in Electromagnetics. High attention to optimization and efficiency. Experience in C/C + +, OpenMP, MPI, and CUDA.

Highly capable of adapting quickly into demanding working environments producing quality results, being cooperative and effectively showing leadership skills.



Software Engineer II September 2015 - Present
San Jose, CA & Evanston, IL

Development and testing of UI and toolkits for ANSYS Electronics Desktop Tool (AEDT) ◦ Development and testing of Savant Core and UI ◦ Savant engine Integration for AEDT

Delcross Technologies LLC

Electromagnetics Engineer July 2012 - September 2015
Chicago, IL

Development and design of Savant and Signa (full stack) ◦ Integration of Antenna Magus with WIPL-D for NAVAIR ◦ Assistance on validation for software releases ◦ Hybridization between Savant and other EM tools: CST, HFSS and, WIPL-D

Universidad de Granada

Researcher July 2008 - August 2010
Granada, Spain

Designed and developed an FDTD Electromagnetic Simulator with EADS-Airbus Military to study the impact of composite materials on airplanes (7th Marco European Framework of Research). ◦ Developed heuristic multiple-objective optimizers: Particle Swarm & Genetic Algorithms ◦ Designed a UWB Antenna for 3.1 to 4.8 GHz ◦ Studied OFDM UWB signal propagation in PAN environments (TEC2007-66698-C04-02/TCM).

British Telecommunications

Researcher Summer 2006
Ipswich, UK

Developed artificial intelligence capabilities in a VoIP system to adequately change codecs depending on the quality of the network. ◦ Developed a dynamic website for the project using JSP and MySQL ◦ Testing of WiMAX prototype cards.


University of California, San Diego

MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering
September 2010 to June 2012

Analytical Methods ◦ Numerical Methods ◦ Parallel Computing ◦ Electrodynamics ◦ Antenna Design ◦ Detection Theory ◦ Array Processing ◦ Digital Signal Processing ◦ Microwave Engineering ◦ Electrodynamics ◦ Microwaves ◦ Detection Theory ◦ Research Experience

Universidad de Granada (Spain)

BS and MS in Telecommunications Engineering
September 2003 to December 2008

Programming ◦ Digital & Analog Electronics ◦ VHDL ◦ EM Fields ◦ Computer Architecture ◦ Switching Networks ◦ Microwave Engineering ◦ Multivariable Calculus ◦ Linear Algebra ◦ Signals & Systems ◦ Complex Analysis

Master Thesis: 10 out of 10 (Cum Laude). Ultrawideband Antennas Design. Design and manufacture of UWB antennas using different heuristic optimization techniques.

University of California, Davis

Electrical & Computer Engineering
September 2007 to June 2008

Exchange Student under the Education Abroad Program


Areas of Expertise
Scientific Programming, User Interfaces, High-Performance Computing, Parallel Computing, Numerical Methods, Software Development, Computer Architecture, Antennas, Telecommunications, Digital Signal Processing, Signals & Systems, Electromagnetics, FDTD, Heuristical Optimization, Wireless Communications.
Strong Experience
C, C++, Python, Fortran, MATLAB, Java, MPI, CUDA, OpenMP, GIT, LaTex.
Basic Experience
XML, R, MySQL, Regular Expressions, Qt, JSP, Mathematica.


May 2010
Universidad de Granada Chancellor Award: Best Transcript in the 2008 year class.
June 2009
"La Caixa" Fellowship for Graduate Education (Selection out of more than 2000 applicants) in 2009.
May 2008
University of Granada scholarship for research in 2008.
September 2007
EAP Reciprocity scholarship at UC Davis.
June 2003
Spanish Ministry of Science and Education Fellowship for University Studies in 2003.
July 2003
Andalusian State Government scholarship for language learning Abroad.
June 2003
Valedictorian at Padre Manjón High School, Granada (Spain).


Native Speaker
Lower Intermediate


Exploration of MOPSO on the design of UWB antennas
EuCAP 2009
Javier Espigares Martín, Mario Fernández Pantoja, Salvador González García et Al.

Effect of Thermal Fluctuations on the Performance of Particulate Media
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 2013
Javier Espigares Martín, Marko V Lubarda, Vitaly Lomakin, P-O Jubert.


5th International Workshop on Advanced Ground Penetrating Radar
27-29 May 2009
Universidad de Granada, España
IWAGPR is a biennial series of international scientific symposia devoted to the advancements in GPR techniques and applications. The conference is aimed at presenting scientific and technical information of high standard to scientists, engineers, and users of GPR technology.


Micromagnetic Particle Simulator.
Thermal Influence in Magnetic Recording.
Fall 2008
UWB Antenna Design.
Spring 2008
Pulse Oximeter at UC Davis.
Winter 2008
Oven Temperature Controller.
Fall 2007
NATCAR at UC Davis.
Fall 2006
Processor Design Using VHDL and FPGAS.
Spring 2006
Internet Voting Program with Java.
Winter 2006
Alarm-Thermometer Clock With PIC Microcontrollers.
Spring 2004
Artificial Intelligence Gaming Applications.


Professional Associations
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), member since 2011.
Students Associations
Member of General Student Council at the Universidad de Granada (2004-2008). Member of the Commission for Economy & Development under the student section at the Universidad de Granada (2004-2006).

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